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Delta Tau Delta wants strong leaders interested in leaving a legacy on campus. With the support of a brotherhood more than 150 years in the making, you will have the chance to redefine "fraternity" on your campus. What will you come back to in 20 years? What type of stamp will you leave on campus? With Delta Tau Delta, the choice is yours.

Why join a fraternity at all? Fraternities are values-based organizations which offer young men many challenges and opportunities that a traditional college education may not afford. Through leadership opportunities within a fraternity, a young man may gain leadership skills valuable long after graduation. A member of a fraternity has an immediate support group that will become life-long network of friends. Joining a fraternity is more than just something you do in college. Delta Tau Delta is a lifelong organization that will be your guiding light as you learn to become a better man.

We are committed to Lives of Excellence!

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Chapter Advisor

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